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In the digital age, machine learning

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In the digital age machine learning, Various types of machine learning technology, as well as one engineer's determination to step outside

In the digital age machine learning, Various types of machine learning technology, as well as one engineer’s determination to step outside his technical comfort zone 온라인카지노

Assisted in keeping Sandvik division Dormer Pramet operational during the pandemic.

Dormer Pramet’s production facilities in Umperk, in the northwestern Czech Republic, were unable to set up a new press due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Engineer Ondrej ebesta stepped into the breach, learning how to master hologram technology

And launching the machine himself with the help of high-tech goggles and remote assistance.

It was the spring of 2021, and the Czech Republic had just recorded the world’s highest COVID-19 mortality rate.

The country was put on lockdown, and all non-essential travel was prohibited nationwide.

Dormer Pramet’s umperk plant had recently received a sophisticated new multi-axis press.

However, in order to get it up and running, the operators required on-site training from the dealer in Germany. The COVID-19 travel restrictions put a halt to those plans.

However, 36-year-old Ondej ebesta, who had only recently started at the umperk plant, took it upon himself to solve the machine learning problem.

Hologram technology

“The press was a significant investment for us,” says ebesta.

“Every day it was idle cost us lost production,” ebesta, who works in R&D, explained how he approached the IT department to try to find a way to do the training remotely.

The IT team suggested using HoloLens 2, a brand new hologram technology (HL2).

HL2 essentially projects holograms that react like real objects when “touched” by the user.

The user can grasp, move, and zoom in and out of the virtual elements using hand-tracking technology.

These holograms can be attached to real-world objects, fusing the real and the digital and resulting in a true augmented-reality experience.

HL2 feed can also be viewed remotely, allowing others to interact with the user’s virtual reality display

Such as by marking objects, dropping pins, and following other instructions. 카지노사이트

Using a drone to reset

Ebesta had never heard of HL2, but he had spent many late nights reading up on the technology.

He also spent his free time testing the lenses, so much so that he began to experience some of the side effects of mixing the real and the virtual for too long:

Headaches, nausea, and dizziness. He overcame this by flying his own first-person-perspective drone during his breaks to “reset” his eyes.

But, before actually manipulating the press, ebesta had a few HL2 initiation sessions with the supplier and set up

A remote PC that allowed the supplier to connect to the machine and take over the controls if necessary.

Then came calibration day. In this case, ebesta’s HL2 training was doubly valuable; a tool had been shipped inside the machine

That would have caused significant damage if not detected. Equipped with the goggles and connected to the supplier, ebesta was able to remove it and

After completing the remaining maintenance tasks, was finally able to start the machine.

Dormer Pramet is filled with pride.

“Without Ondej ebesta, the start of the machine operation could have been delayed by weeks, if not months,” stated Jared Mason,

A representative for Dormer Pramet’s global communication department in the United States.

“It demonstrates how a crisis can push people to push past virtually all preconceived limits of creativity and innovation.

“Using remote hologram technology is about as close as you can get to real in-person training,” Mason adds. “We will continue to invest in this in the future.” 카지노 블로그

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